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We’re passionate about helping you to future-proof your business by securing your documents and making your processes more efficient


Secure, reliable data entry and systems for processing important, valuable and legally required documents are fundamental requirements for any modern business.

The days of mountains of hard-copy folders lying on desks are long gone, and digitising paper records has become a crucial step for any business switching to digital offices and 21st-century document management systems.

We specialise in helping our clients meet the challenges that come with this transition and are ready to support them every step of the way, from an initial consultation to delivering comprehensive, quality-assured systems.

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Taking your business into the digital age. With our cutting-edge technology, docu-fix’s scanning experts will help you turn sprawling paper archives into a simple, compact digital system. You can rely on us for fast, secure, quality-assured solutions you’ll love.



Processing and editing your documents digitally is the perfect way of making sure they are accessible and easy to use whenever you need them. It will help you optimise your internal processes and take your business confidently into the future, backed by modern document management systems.


Docu-fix’s digitisation experts will help you to turn a sprawling hard-copy filing system into clear, accessible digital data holdings, stored on your choice of media. We make searching for and finding records child’s play.

Secure, quality-assured scanning

When it comes to scanning your documents, quality and security are our top priorities. We can scan them on your premises using the very latest technology, or collect them from your preferred location. We maintain the highest standards of security at all times, in full compliance with the GDPR.

Scanning and digitising documents

We can scan any size or type of document and carefully prepare a digital archive for you, allowing you to use your records as efficiently as possible and integrate them into a cutting-edge document management system.

Scanning and digitising folders

With docu-fix, digitising folders couldn’t be easier. Simply let our experts scan and process your whole folder structure for you. You can count on us to transform even the highest mountain of paperwork into a clear, easy-to-use digital system.


Scanning and digitising plans

When size really matters, you can count on docu-fix. We can digitise plans, blueprints and technical drawings in large formats up to and including DIN A0, giving you the space you need to be more productive.

Scanning and digitising x-rays and medical files

At docu-fix, keeping your sensitive documents confidential is second nature to us. We have years of experience in digitising x-rays and scanning medical files.

Scanning and digitising drawings and pictures

We are absolutely committed to high quality and attention to detail, even when dealing with the most unusual document formats.  Our modern scanners can digitise any image from a tiny sketch to a large-format photograph, helping you to keep your treasures safe and sound.


Scanning and digitising invoices

We use the latest technology to scan and digitise your invoices and receipts. It’s an efficient, lightning fast, money-saving way to digitise your documents, and it makes your data more secure, too! No wonder document managers love it.

Scanning and digitising receipts

With docu-fix, your receipts are in safe hands, whatever format they’re in. Let our scanning experts scan and digitise all your receipts to create precious space and lay the groundwork for a truly paperless office.

Scanning and digitising files

Imagine being able to see all your records at a glance. Scanning and digitising your files creates space, and gives you maximum flexibility. Digitise your files to take a giant step towards the future of your business.

Digitisation solutions for the most demanding requirements

Digital documents take up a fraction of the space of paper records, giving you more flexibility and making your processes more reliable. Digitising your data is also the perfect first step towards introducing a comprehensive document management system to make your work as quick, efficient and secure as possible.

Digital data entry and processing can give your business a decisive edge. The benefits of scanned, digitised records and document management systems speak for themselves:


Average space saving


Time saved searching for documents


Of customers tell us their workflows have improved


Of customers with document management systems report improved workflow

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