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Scanning and digitising receipts

Put your house in order and increase efficiency with digital document processing

Discover the docu-fix receipt scanning and digitisation service

Digitising your receipts and evidential documents allows you to automate routine processes. Do it now to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Scan and digitise your receipts to create an electronic archive, making your processes more efficient and effective

Scanned receipts and evidential documents form the foundation of your digital archive, and open the door to digital document processing.

Docu-fix specialises in scanning and digitising all kinds of receipts and evidential documents. We use highly efficient scanning technology to capture and secure the widest possible range of documents, so you get a fast, secure and, above all, user-friendly underlying system for digitalising your everyday office processes. With docu-fix, your receipts and evidential documents are in safe hands. Our experts are vastly experienced when it comes to digitising all kinds of receipts and evidential documents, so you can rely on them to get the job done as efficiently as possible, all while maintaining the highest standards of security and using a system tailored to your needs.

We can take care of even the very biggest digitisation projects, including on your own premises. To discover all the benefits docu-fix can bring for your company, contact us now to tell us about your project!

Scanning and digitising receipts frees up space

Tell us about your project and we will work with you to find and deliver your ideal scanning and digitalisation solution. Thanks to our extensive experience working on a huge variety of projects, we are ideally placed to guide you through the process of digitising your documents as efficiently as possible.

Digital workflow

docu-fix is fully equipped to scan and digitise any receipt or evidential document

Thanks to our cutting-edge digital technology, you can rely on us to handle even the biggest and most complicated scanning and digitisation projects, whatever format your documents are in.

Why not make the most of the latest OCR document recognition systems to unlock a raft of new digitisation options? Once your documents have been digitised by docu-fix and saved on your choice of storage media, you will be able to find anything in your archive quickly and effortlessly. The days of painstakingly combing through your receipts or searching in ‘analogue’ archives are over!

As you would expect, we are committed to complying with the most stringent data protection requirements, and will create a secure chain covering all your valuable receipts and evidential documents. Click on the button below to find out about the full range of benefits digitisation can provide for your business.

A digital document management system is the ideal complement to your new electronic archive, and can help you deliver even bigger benefits for you and your business. We work with a trusted document management specialist, who will be delighted to explain the impressive advantages that come with a digital document management system and the specific benefits it can bring for your business.

Why choose docu-fix?

The professional scanning service from docu-fix

When you choose docu-fix, you get quick and complete access to all the benefits of our ultra-efficient docu-fix scanning service. We can process even large amounts of data for you quickly and at competitive prices. You can trust our professional team to deliver a huge range of scanning services with the greatest possible care, reducing workload for your staff and saving you money.

Digitalisation can bring major benefits for your business, including:

  • Easy duplication and editing of documents
  • The ability to scan documents and integrate them immediately into digital processes
  • Faster processing of digital data

With the help of our sheet-feeder, flatbed and large-format scanners, we can generate PDFs, JPEGs, TIFF files and more from any hard-copy document according to your exact requirements, ensuring your digital files are a perfect fit for your internal processes.

docu-fix Is your reliable, expert partner for all your scanning and digitalisation needs. Thanks to docu-fix’s team of experts, your documents are in the best possible hands, whether you’re scanning files, folders, x-rays, plans, drawings, receipts or invoices.

Our on-site scanning service: The most convenient way to digitise your documents

We can digitise your documents on your premises, so that:

  • Your sensitive documents never have to leave your premises during the digitisation process
  • Documents can be released back into your business processes as soon as they have been digitised
  • We can come to you anywhere in Europe, so you can carry on running your business
  • You save the cost of sending your documents to us for digitisation
  • We communicate with you directly and in person, for maximum efficiency

Our mobile on-site scanning service is available across Europe, any time, anywhere.

Our 24-hour on-site scanning service: for when time is money!

Our team will be on site within 24 hours following the conclusion of the contract and will start digitising your documents immediately,

so you can steal a march on your competitors!

We will be happy to provide you with an immediate, no-obligation quote. All you have to do is fill in our contact form.

Use OCR to turbocharge searches in your digital archive

OCR is a technology that generates text from image data. It opens up a range of options for handling data, including:

  • Full-text search functionality within documents
  • Copying text from scanned PDF documents
  • The ability to convert and manipulate OCR data for use in Excel or other spreadsheet software

Do you have to trawl through large numbers of files or folders to find specific information?

If so, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – using text recognition software to make your documents ‘searchable’. Of course, if your documents are held in hard-copy format, we can digitise them for you, too.

Why you should make your records searchable:

  • Get a quick overview of all your documentary holdings
  • Find the content and passages you need in any document with just a few clicks
  • Find the information you need in seconds at the touch of a button – with no need to flick through archives and files page by page

Our system can recognise common languages and fonts very quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

We will also be very happy to provide you with a quote for handling text in non-standard fonts or complicated tables.

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